Juniper Bodega

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Juniper in Wellesley will be supporting small businesses with big hearts, offering one of a kind specialty items (that Amazon never heard of) for you and your family. Gourmet food, self-care products and unique home goods, all to help lift your spirits during this interesting time while supporting local crafters.

Off Our Rocker Cookies (plant-based, gluten-free friendly sweet potato cookies)
The Co-Rockers, Nanci & Terri like to call themselves “seniorpreneurs” starting a business just when they should be sitting it out on their rockers.  Their line of delicious, healthy, plant-based and gluten-free friendly cookies are offered in eight assorted flavors. Great for breakfast, snack, pre- or post- workout, dessert, or any time on the go, these uncommon cookies are baked with soul, wrapped with love and labeled with humor.

Mayur Naturals (all natural, organic, vegan, gluten-free cosmetics, skin & hair care products)
Mayur Naturals is an all-natural, organic, vegan and gluten-free skincare and cosmetics system. Created by Manjari Saha, she has a nutritive/therapeutic philosophy to skin care, using ingredients that have a basis in ancient cultures and have been used for centuries. 

Fork On A Road (vegan & vegetarian meal kits, specially blended spices)
Fork on a Road is a local company that offers vegan & vegetarian meal kits and specially blended spices which are globally inspired, with a focus on seasonal & wholesome flavors. Suman Shah’s recipes reflect her immigrant pantry, passion for locally grown food, and stories that bring us all together over a meal. Her recipes turn complex flavors into simple recipes that every home-cook can follow with ease. 

Hillside Harvest (gourmet, Caribbean-American inspired hot sauces)
Born in Jamaica, founder Kamaal Jarrett always had a passion for food and an appreciation for the two cultures that raised him. He strives to continue his family’s tradition of introducing people to unique flavors and recipes. Hillside Harvest products are hand crafted from a few simple ingredients, with dynamic flavors and premium sauces that will enhance every dish and inspire you to share with those closest to you.

Chocolate Therapy (award-winning gourmet chocolate)
Chocolate Therapy is a new kind of chocolate shop, dedicated to providing remarkable, locally produced chocolates, as well as their unique handmade collection. David and Pam Griffin’s collection features innovative flavors and a line of fine chocolates that will indulge your senses, treat your body and soothe your soul!

Meal Mantra (all natural Indian curry simmer sauces)
The founders, Tarun and Anu Bhalla are fitness enthusiasts who share their passion of eating well with their easy to do sauces and believe sharing exciting culinary experiences binds us all together.  Our mission is to offer wonderful, all natural sauces that take the tedium out of an intricate cuisine yet allow a wonderful culinary exploration.

El Colombiano Coffee (sustainably sourced, roasted locally) elcolombianocoffee.comFounder
Javier Amador-Pena (you can call him Javi), grew up on the north coast of Colombia, where the aroma of coffee wafted from cafes and kitchens. The enticing scent acted as an invitation for friends and family to gather and enjoy each other’s company.  He sources the richest, ripest Arabica beans from small farms in Columbia and they are roasted to perfection in Boston.

Lazy bones (CBD dog treats)
Created by Linnea O’Neil and individually hand-scooped with love in Stowe, Vermont.  Lazy Bones treats are made with real and locally sourced ingredients to provide your pet with the highest quality treat.  Made with just six ingredients or less, and Vermont grown full-spectrum CBD oil, what’s not to love? 

The Hive Lives (beeswax candles created in unique vintage bottle molds)
As a writer, Nichole Bernier researches and learns new things constantly. But when she profiled a beekeeper, it was the beginning of a passionone that led to taking on hives of her own, developing a concern for the ecosystem they support, and wanting to find creative expressions of honey and beeswax.  Coupled with her love of antique bottles, she experimented and found a way to create molds the recreate their vintage beauty in beeswax.  10% of proceeds benefit The Honeybee Conservancy

Bully Boy Distillers
Will and Dave Willis have spent their lives mastering the art of distilling and produce gin, vodka, rum, whisky and other spirits.  As a result of the pandemic, Bully Boy has been making, donating and delivering FDA and WHO approved sanitizer to hospitals, front line workers and other businesses.

Virginia Fitzgerald (hand crafted face coverings, mugs and fairies)
Virginia Fitzgerald is a mixed media artist who works in sculpture, installation, fiber arts, painting, photography and collage. Her studio is in Natick,  where she also lives with her two amazing daughters and scruffy, her cohort in crime rescued mutt, in a house full of love and creativity.  Virginia is the co-creator of Fairyland Project in which they create and then hide fairies in the Hunnewell Forest in Natick.

Independent Fermentations (kombucha)
Independent Fermentations Brewing (IndieFerm) is a small beer and kombucha brewery founded by Rose Forbes and Paul Nixon located in Plymouth, Mass.  After about 2 years of working nights and weekends in the basement of their barn, Paul and Rose decided to find a larger space and purchased a brewery and IndieFerm Supply and Fermentation Studio was born to support all things fermented.  Kim Arthurs is our kombucha brewer and her passion for fermentation and healthy foods shows in every batch.  IndieFerm kombucha is available at local farmers markets, stores, and brewery tap rooms including their own.

Sonya Masur Aromatic Sprays for Body and Environment
Sonya Masur is an artist in both her energy healing practice and her creation of jewelry, dream catchers, essential oils and aromatherapy sprays.  She believes we are all artists and healers.

Niki’s Small Batch IG: niki_smallbatch
Nicole Chapman’s Small Batch body butters are hand crafted, all natural whipped body butters made with only natural ingredients and no parabans ever. Available in lavender, peppermint and vanilla. Nicole began this business from her desire to have a cream which would moisturize her dry skin, not be greasy and be all natural while smelling amazing.

Sweet Tahini (sesame butters, date bites)
Sweet Tahini Co. is a local food company created by Hila and focused on east Mediterranean flavors and cooking methods. Their line of handcrafted tahini goods is made with the most nutritious Mediterranean pantry staples and offer authentic tastes and creative blends. Sweet Tahini Co. also hosts cooking and dining events, sharing Israeli food and culture, and providing guests the tools they need to bring Mediterranean flavors into their own kitchen.